Our team will take care of your entire business and web development process. From Design, Content writing to SEO.

The mission

The mission is simple:

We will help you grow your business.

We will be your advisor by helping you solve the issues that you might face, provide you with analysis to improve your revenues, help you with your financials and advise you with other great services for you to keep growing.

How can we help

We offer the most powerful and affordable strategic consulting solutions

Consulting services for startups used to be expensive. Not anymore.

On our plans, you have access to strategic consulting calls to help your business grow. 

On the first meeting, we will set goals and define a strategy to achieve them.

It is fundamental for a company to know everything about their market.

With the Ultimate Plan, we will do a market research for your needs.

Do you need a list of potential clients to approach? Do you need data regarding the impact of covid-19 on your industry? Our team of advisors will find it.

Your business must be everywhere. 

We have the solution by providing a list of key websites related with your niche for you to share your services. This will allow to attract your target clients into your website.

Startups demand a lot of presentations. You need to pitch to clients, investors and other.

With the Ultimate Plan, we will create a professional Powerpoint for the topic you need

We can help you draft a financial plan. 

We can also provide you with our Excel spreadsheets to simplify the process of financial analysis.

On our subscription plans, we offer to create customizable social media posts for your business to boost your sales

Maybe you prefer to create your own slides.

Feel free to use our available PowerPoint Templates

We developed method for early-stage startups to increase sales through Instagram. We offer the E-Book with the steps to do it on the subscription plans

Join our Facebook Group, where we are developing a programme to create other sources of revenues by generating synergies among early stage startups.

Our Whatsapp is always available for your demands and to support you. Just send as a message and we will return to you as soon as possible

Our disruptive software allow us to assign your tasks to multiple experts to ensure fast and complete services

Is your company seeking for funding? We will help you draw the plan and organize the requirements to request for funding. With our Premium Plan, we will also analye your industry and find potential investors willing to consider this opportunity. 

If needed, we can help you even more by taking care of the all process in exchange for a small fee (to be defined considering the work required) of the funding.

About us

There are so many challenges when starting a business. Where can we find our target audience?
How will we get new orders? How can we scale our project?

That is why we started TaskBasis, a company that gives affordable strategic consulting services for early stage startups.

Now a little more about us:

We are a team of worldwide advisors with experience on consulting firms that decided that consulting services shouldn't be so expensive.

On TaskBasis, we are here to help you achieve your goals. We want to answer your questions to make your business scale to be able to create more jobs and change the world.

We will propose out-of-the-box solutions for your business to prosper, a lot of material for you to adapt to your startup, market research services, pitches and all the support you need.

The plans


Join the Team and connect with other talented entrepreneurs to find new sources of revenues
  • Join Synergies Affiliate Program
  • Access to latest features and initiatives
  • Invitation to TaskBasis' Facebook Group
  • Live Chat Support


This plan is suited for new startups looking for professional help to grow
$ 49
  • Strategic Consulting Call every two weeks
  • Multiple Advisors working with you
  • List of websites and articles to share your business to increase visibility
  • 4 Social Media Posts suited for your business per month
  • Free Professional PowerPoint Templates
  • Join Synergies Affiliate Program
  • Live Chat Support
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This plan is suited for startups seeking for faster growth and more results
$ 99
  • Weekly Consulting Call
  • Detailed Analysis of your Business
  • List of websites and articles to share your business to increase visibility
  • Multiple Advisors working for you
  • Monthly offer of a professional PowerPoint created for the topic your desire
  • Monthly Market Research for the topic you want (up to 100 entries)
  • Free PowerPoint Templates
  • Live Chat Support

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