Frequently Asked Questions

What is TaskBasis?

TaskBasis is a Portuguese company that provides solutions for businesses by providing affordable consulting services.

Our subscription plans include Strategic Consulting Calls, SEO Services, Social Media Posts, E-Book regarding Social Media Sales, PowerPoint Creation Services and free professional powerpoint templates.

We aim to advise businesses to organically grow with revenues by connecting businesses with talented advisors in a simple way. Launched officially in May 2020.

More About us

When enterpreneurs start their companies, they are on their own. We had the same issue and we thought that there had to be someone who could help us.

There were. But consultats cost at least 80$ per hour, averaging at 120$.

So, we decided to solve this issue.

TaskBasis was created to solve business owners problems, providing powerfull consulting and advisory services at a affordable price, backed by our amazing talented advisors around the world.

On our platform, you pick what you need. Do you need a strategic consulting call? We are here for you. Do you need a Professional PowerPoint for tomorrow? No problem. You want it, we get it.


Is it secure?

It is possible for you to have this question, since we are still in the beginning and we still don't have a lot of reviews online.

Yes, TaskBasis is secure. That is why we chose to work with top reliable such as Paypal to handle the payments and with WeTransfer to handle the data transferred on the platform.

Also we never ask you to do any sort of payment as a freelancer. The only reason why we ask your banking details is for you to do your withdrawals.

How to withdraw?

The proccess to withdraw is pretty straight forward.

Just add your banking details or Paypal account, by clicking on the menu tab "Withdrawls".

What do you mean by getting promoted?

On TaskBasis, we want you to grow. We want to reward hard working freelancers by offering them more exclusive and demanding jobs, that is why we have created the levels.

Basically, when you do a certain amount of tasks, you are automattically promoted, having access to other jobs, such as reviewing the output from another users to ensure that it is delivered to the client with no mistakes.

Can I do the tasks on a mobile phone?

Currently we do not recommend for you to do the tasks using your mobile phone.

We ask you to deliver the output using a Microsoft Excel file (.csv), which is way easier to do using a laptop than with a mobile phone.

We plan to introduce in the future the possibility to do perform the tasks with your phone.

Do I have to tax my earnings?

Yes, you do. The freelancers are personally responsible for the correct taxation of their earnings. You can work for TaskBasis even if you have not registered a trade and are not a professional freelancer. In this case you must declare your earnings in your normal tax return.

If you work for us regularly, the tax authorities will view you as a taxable contractor. You can, for example apply for a trade license. You will have to specify your occupation; your work for us would be “Data preparation on the Internet”. Please be sure to contact a tax consultant, because we cannot judge your individual situation, and since we are not tax consultants, we cannot provide any binding information.

Additional Questions

For any other inquiry, please contact us
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