Individual Services

Below you will find the available services to help grow your business

20$ per 45-minute call

Schedule a Consulting Call

Schedule a 30-minute Strategic Consulting Call with us here.

Our advisors are experts with work-experience on top consulting firms.

We will advise you regarding your business plan, answer your questions, provide feedback on your website/ page and suggest solutions and new ideas for your business to grow.

Fill the form and we will send you an email for you to schedule and pay your appointment.

    low cost market research services

    0.23$ per entry

    Data Collection Services

    Did you know we can find the size of your niche market in any country? Infer about your competition, potential partners, investors. All that for 23 cents per entry. Delivery in two days.

      PowerPoint Creator Service

      6.90$ per slide

      Professional PowerPoint Creation Services

      Do you prefer to outsource your PowerPoints?

      We will create a professional PowerPoint for you. Tell us the topic, colors, share what you want to include and we will deliver it in two days by email.

      Each slide will cost 6.90$.

        TaskBasis Customized Services

        Customized Services

        Do you need a different solution?

        Let us know if you need an additional service and we might be able to help you.

        We have a network of talented freelancers in most segments:
        such as Digital Marketing, Developers, SEO services, among other.

          seo low cost

          10$ per 50 websites

          Key-Websites List

          Do you want to share your business with a larger audience?

          We will set up a list of websites and articles for your business to get more attention.

          The process is simple, first you request the list and in 24 hours, you have a list of key pages to share your business. We will send you by email.

          On these sites, you will have to answer with a small description and a link to your website. This will directly (through more viewers) and indirectly (SEO improvements) grow your customer base.

          It can be groups on Facebook, threads on Reddit, questions on Quora.

          The goal is to capture as much as attention from your niche as possible.

          Fill the form and we will send you an email for you to pay for the task to start.

            Download the "Sales Through Instagram" E-Book

            Are you struggling to find clients on Instagram?

            With the Free E-Book "Sales Through Instagram", we provide a framework to monetize your Instagram page, through the acquisition of organic followers that are more likely to demonstrate interest on your business and other methods to boost your social media revenues.

            Coming Soon

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